About us

We – that is Tom and Patrick – are the guys behind the fresh new creative label „JustFly – Flyfishing“.

Being passionate fly fishers ourselves, even with a little bit of fashion sense, we always had a problem finding stylish hip clothes to wear going fly fishing. Fashion, that not only work for fishing but can be worn to go to work, college or bar – without instantly looking like you just got back from fishing. Fashionable, high quality clothes that function for both areas: the sport and regular life. That made us think and once we started thinking, well, we don´t stop. That`s why in 2008 we started developing this new fashion label „JustFly – Flyfishing“.

In the beginning we only drew sketches for caps and t-shirts. We started producing them also. We actually did that for quite some time. Then, at the end of 2013 we started showing our stuff around a little bit and actually got quite good resonance. To be honest – the feedback was excellent.

We understood, that we weren`t the only ones out there that wanted decent fly fishing clothes. That the demand for it was pretty big in fact. That made us decide, that we wanted to bring some fresh air into the fly fishing – fashion – world.

What we wanted to archive was to transport that feeling of passion, the extraordinary experience that you get being out there in the nature, doing what you do when going fly fishing, into the clothes.

Fly fishing – not just a sport – a way of life.

Eventually we had many, maaany ideas, drafts and prototypes.

Some of them made it and moved on. Which ones, we show in our brochure.

What we have now, is high quality shirts with stylish motives with a good cut that we are aiming to spread along the people. 


If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask us!

Tom and Patrick